There have been many low carb diets over the years – Atkins, Ketogenic, Mediterranean – each with their own unique spin on how to achieve a sensible calorie deficit and to do so consistently (the two key factors that influence weight loss).

One of the main reasons low-carb diets are effective is because they tend to result in weight loss pretty quickly, compared to other diets. They also have other benefits for your body such as reducing blood sugars and blood pressure, while increasing HDL cholesterol (the good kind!).

As a bonus for RunMoveTone clients I have commissioned a Low Carb Recipe Book, containing 40 delicious recipes, covering breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert and snack options, including:

Breakfast: Egg, Broccoli and Ham Muffins
Lunch: Smoked Salmon and Strawberry Salad
Dinner: Jerk Chicken with Cauliflower Rice
Dessert: Banana and Strawberry Cake
Snack: Healthy Ferrero Rocher

How Can You Get Your FREE Copy?

To get your FREE copy of this 90-page e-book containing over 40 recipes, each with it’s own MyFitnessPal barcode and breakdown of macros, simply send me a message via WhatsApp (07767 608462) or send an email to ptsymone@gmail.com and I’ll send you a link where you can download it from – completely FREE!!

    As always, if you have any health concerns, please speak with your doctor before undertaking any new exercises or diet programme. 

    If you would like an exercise programme designed for you to do at home, or you’d like to attend one of my group classes (which are as much fun as they are good for your fitness), then please send a message via WhatsApp to 07767 608462 or message me through my Facebook page.