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The journey to achieving your health or fitness goals is never a simple straight line – my role is to help motivate and direct you so you can reach your objectives and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

I have been there, I really have! I’ve been a couch potato, leading an unhealthy lifestyle and falling for the crazy fad diets, believing that there is some kind of magic answer. Two children later I decided to take positive action to learn about nutrition and become a personal trainer. I am now doing something I love and the opportunity to help others, while having fun, is a dream come true.

The majority of my clients are looking to lose weight and tone up, but they soon find that their active lifestyle, increased fitness and improved health provide a lot more benefits, such as feeling more energetic, sleeping better, clearer skin and even a boost to their libido! Those that attend my classes also have fun, make new friends and enjoy support from others with the same goals.




Personal training - face-to-face or online


A range of group classes from bootcamps to HIIT


Weight loss, toning and muscle building advice


Meal plans, recipes and nutritional advice


Premium supplements and meal replacements


Wellness coaching and unofficial counselling

PT Symone RunMoveTone

what They’re Saying

Client Testimonials

Really enjoyable classes, I’ve been going a few weeks to bootcamp now, Symone and everyone there are so welcoming. Symone is always able to quickly think of routines if the one planned doesn’t work for you. I went to my first box fit session tonight and it was awesome. For someone like me that hasn’t been to a gym in years or not really a fan of exercise, I look forward to going back as no session has been the same.

Gemma West

Amazing classes, I was a complete exercise -phobe until I started RunMoveTone classes. Now I love exercising and feel so much better in myself. Classes are fun, friendly and a great way to meet new people while getting fit. Symone always makes classes fun and is always there to support your journey.

Natalie Hosegood

Amazing PT. She is so supportive of all the goals I’ve set and helped me to achieve them. The classes are great with a friendly chatty atmosphere and everyone laughing their way through the class.

Laura Tullett


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