About Personal Training

My one-to-one personal traning sessions are designed to help you achieve your goals in as fast a time as possible. When combined with an appropriate nutrition plan the results you can achieve are almost limitless.

Sometimes I feel a little bit guilty – how can it be that I get to do something I love and yet it is my full time career? I consider myself very lucky to be able to do what I do – spending time helping others to achieve their goals and feel better about themsleves. There is nothing I love more than when my clients tell me how much healthier, more confident and more alive they feel after signing up with me.

No matter your age, weight, injuries, insecurities or other concerns, I am confident that I can help you towards achieving your weight loss, fitness, muscle building or other similar goals through regular training, the right nutrition approach and being a friendly partner to help you along the way.


personal training sessions

Whether you’re ‘getting back in the saddle’ after a period without exercise, returning from injury or have your eyes set on a particular goal (perhaps a wedding dress fitting or a beach holiday ahead) personal training sessions are a great way to ensure you’re giving yourself the best chance of achieving your goals. Through carefully analysis of your current situation, listening to your goals and understanding any potential barriers to success I can design a programme bespoke to your needs.

10 sessions for £250


One-to-one personal training can be conducted indoors or outdoors (depending on your preference, and the weather). I will bring the equipment and the expertise – you just need to bring a determination to succeed!

28 Day weight loss plans

To help you with your weight loss goals I can provide pre-built and bespoke weight loss plans.

monthly recipe packs

If you’re committed to long-term lifestyle changes I can offer you a range of healthy recipes, delivered on a monthly basis – low carb, high protein, vegetarian and vegan.

free guides

By sharing my expertise and experience for free I hope it will give you confidence to find out more about the full range of services RunMoveTone offers.

designed for you at-home exercise plans

Sometimes lifestyles are so busy and unpredictable that a Personal Trainer is not entirely practical. Or maybe you just want the flexibility to workout on your own timetable. I can provide you with a home workout plan to suit your personal circumstances.

remote personal training sessions

RunMoveTone is based in Rochester, Kent, but technology gives us the ability to offer personal training via video conferencing services, no matter where you live.

nutritional advice

It’s true that achieving changes in the way your body looks is 70% down to the nutrition you provide it with. I can advise you on the best way to achieve your goals, not only in regards to the exercise you should do, but also the food and drink you should be consuming to achieve your goals.

bootcamp and boxercise classes

We offer a range of group classes, of which bootcamps and boxercise classes are the most popular. If you can, come along and join us. First session free!

No Pain, No Gain

Real Work.
  Real Results.

what They’re Saying

Client Testimonials

Really enjoyable classes, I’ve been going a few weeks to bootcamp now, Symone and everyone there are so welcoming. Symone is always able to quickly think of routines if the one planned doesn’t work for you. I went to my first box fit session tonight and it was awesome. For someone like me that hasn’t been to a gym in years or not really a fan of exercise, I look forward to going back as no session has been the same.

Gemma West

Amazing classes, I was a complete exercise -phobe until I started RunMoveTone classes. Now I love exercising and feel so much better in myself. Classes are fun, friendly and a great way to meet new people while getting fit. Symone always makes classes fun and is always there to support your journey.

Natalie Hosegood

Amazing PT. She is so supportive of all the goals I’ve set and helped me to achieve them. The classes are great with a friendly chatty atmosphere and everyone laughing their way through the class.

Laura Tullett


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