RunMoveTone 28 Day Weight Loss Meal Plan



As we all know, only too well, changing the way your body looks does not happen overnight. It takes time, commitment, determination and, above all else, the right approach to nutrition.

Every nutritionist and personal trainer knows that there are no magic pills, gimmicky gadgets or secrets – the truth is that 70-80% of your results come from the food and drink you consume. That’s why we have created this meal plan – to help our clients through at least the first 4 weeks of their new weight-loss regimen.

Why 28 days? Why not 7 days or 3 months? The answer to this is a simple one. In our experience the biggest problem people face when trying to change their lifestyle (and, therefore, their body) is keeping it up. Most start out with the right intentions, but within very little time they slip back into bad habits. Our hope and intention with this meal plan is to make it easy to form new, good habits and doing so over 28 days increases your chances of success. They say that it takes 6 weeks for new habits to form – by following this plan for 28 days you will be most of the way there. And if you repeat it, not only can you expect to see changes in the way you look and the way you feel, you’ll also have a different mentality to how you choose fuel your body.

Within the plan we’ve included recipes and eating suggestions covering breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks, along with shopping lists ot make life easier. You can expect

But, as the proof is in the pudding, so to speak, we hope you enjoy this plan and find it helpful in achieving your goals. If you do, please tell your friends and leave a review for us on our Facebook page. If you don’t, please let us know and we’ll give you your money back without a squabble.


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